Maki Maki

posted on July 30, 2012

Maki Maki is a sushi buffet that recently opened in Brighton. I’ve been wanting to try it since it is MUCH closer to us than our normal sushi buffet, Minado, in Natick.

The resturant is located inside a shopping center so there’s plenty of parking. Their lunch hour is from 11am to 2:30pm. We arrived around noon and the restaurant was barely filled. I was slightly surprised since Minado is usually PACKED around noon. Nonetheless, the setup is quite similar to Minado with the dessert aisle on the far left, then sushi, salad bar, and hot foods to the right.


Their sushi selection is not as diverse as Minado but there are plenty of Unagi (eel) in the maki so I’m happy. The sushi rice was a bit on the dry side, probably because it’s been sitting out for awhile. For lunch, they have sashimi AND crab legs on the menu.

Hot food!

I found salt and pepper frog legs in the hot food aisle. Another plus for Maki Maki! I remember my grandma making steamed frog legs when I was little. It was kind of cool to have the Hubby try some frog legs because I know I probably won’t have a chance to make them for him.

Red bean ice cream – <3

No soft serve ice cream here. You have to work for your ice cream and scoop them out yourself. Good thing there weren’t that many people there or I’ll have to hurt someone to grab the ONLY ice cream scoop they have. They have regular ice cream flavors like vanilla and cookies and cream as well as more asian flavors like green tea and red bean.

My favorite ice cream of all is red bean! The green tea was on the bland and flavorless side. The red bean had the right amount of bean and not overly sweet. My stomach was to the brim of explosion but I had to stuff in 2 scoops of red bean ice cream.

An in all, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t crowded so you didn’t have to fight for your food. The waitstaff was super attentive. The food was decent and the location is quite good for us. It’s definitely a good alternative to Minado.

My food coma hit as soon as I got home. I had a very lazy rest of the night. THEN we lost power. Initially we used our phones and iPads for illumination until we realized we have candles! They worked out soooo much better. An hour or so in darkness made me realized how much more productive I would be without eletricity. But alas, I’m back to my lazy, couch-potato self while ignoring my pile of hand-wash-only laundry.

Let’s break out some candles.

Romantic lighting complete.

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